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  • Terms and Conditions

    Thank you for choosing sellbuyauto.com.au. Before using our services, we recommend that you read over the following terms and conditions. It is important to note that by accessing our network you have agreed to the following terms and conditions and any other notices on the sellbuyauto website. If we (sellbuyauto.com.au) see that you or any party has acted in contrary to these terms and conditions, we (sellbuyauto.com.au) have the right to immediately terminate your right to access our network.

  • Third Parties and Advertisements

    Throughout our (sellbuyauto.com.au) operation, you will see information, advertisements, product and service offers, vehicle data, valuations, software and links and other content supplied by sellbuyauto.com.au and third parties. We (sellbuyauto.com.au) do not warrant, represent, authorise or endorse the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any such material published on our network or any other site linked to sellbuyauto.com.au. sellbuyauto.com.au also do not provide any warranty for any goods and services advertised by third parties on the sellbuyauto.com.au website.

  • Accuracy and/or Completeness of Material

    While sellbuyauto.com.au take the utmost care in providing a service that is free from errors, sellbuyauto.com.au does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any material posted on the sellbuyauto network. This extends to any site that may be linked to sellbuyauto.com.au. Onus falls on the user to assess the material on the sellbuyauto.com.au network and choose whether to rely on it.

  • Loss of Material

    If sellbuyauto.com.au were to suffer any loss or damage, you agree to indemnify any of its officers and/or representatives if such a loss or damage were to affect you (the user). You must keep your username and password in confidence. You represent and warrant sellbuyauto.com.au that you accept all responsibility if an unauthorised login were to occur.

  • Car Listing Content

    When posting content of a car listing, all images and text must directly relate to the car listing itself. In particular, all photos must be of the vehicle itself with no other content being evident. This includes the use of offering other means of generating traffic for the car seller such as finance options. Sellbuyauto.com.au have the right to remove any ad that goes against this condition.

  • Refund Policy

    When posting a car listing, users will have the option to review their purchases and selections through a payment summary. Once the user has reviewed their work and published their listing, they will not be able to refund any purchases they have spent. Onus falls on the user to make sure they have checked their payment summary of any features they may or may not have accidentally included.

  • Marketing Communications

    sellbuyauto.com.au may choose to send direct marketing communications and information about products and services that we consider may be of interest to you. These communications may be sent via mail, SMS, or email, in accordance with applicable marketing laws, such as the Spam Act 2004 (Cth). You may at any time choose to opt out of such communications by either emailing us, clicking ‘unsubscribe’ from the ‘profile’ section of our website or by updating your notification settings. We will then ensure that your name is removed from our mailing list. By giving us your contact information we (sellbuyauto.com.au) agree that this should not be shared to any other third parties. This may be waived if you agree to have sellbuyauto.com.au share such information for marketing intentions with other organisations.

  • Summation

    Material on sellbuyauto.com.au is limited to sellbuyauto.com.au ® and sellbuyauto.com.au Australia's Online Sell Buy Auto ®. This material is protected by Australian and international copyright and intellectual property laws.